Veronica Violet Rainbow Reeves

Detail of installation experiment.

Reflection: Peephole Black Box installation art experiment by artist V2R2

Pre-critique analysis and goals for this piece included: activation of the viewer controlling/restriction of the viewer’s vision black curtains/black cube refers to holy experience of drawing willingly near to the unknown inner reflection, reflective film yields a self-referencing experience in place of any viewer expectation and turns the lens on the viewer occupy space rather […]

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Installation Art Experiment: Reflection

I have grown increasingly interested in toying with people’s curiosity and expectation. This experiment began with an interest in restricting the viewer’s experience and my personal, sentimental feelings for still life paintings. As I described in my last post about installation experiments, I started to relate to the installation as a large still life set-up […]

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Beginning experiment in installation art: Let us linger in the beauty of foolish things.

  Option paralysis. That’s what I experienced the days following my last critique. Every thought of a new idea began as something novel and interesting. I constructed each idea in my head up to a certain point, inevitably past the point of attainability or the intrigue would fizzle out because something about it sounded cheesy, […]

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